Monday, February 9, 2009

I love painting portraits but I never seem to have enough time to paint one of my own horse, until now. I just finished this one of by girl Blythe. Yes, this is the horse that's been with me for almost 20 years. She was a sweet 2 year old filly when I purchased her and is now an even sweeter senior. When I was first training her under saddle she didn't do any of the baby things. She just acted as if she had always done it. This was great for me because she was my first attempt at starting a young horse. We trained to prix st. george and started piaffe but we lost interest in showing so stayed home and had fun just being us. As you can tell this horse has definitly captured my heart and I've been lucky enough to still have her with me.


  1. Hi Liz
    I love this portrait. Fortunately as a photographer It is easy for me to capture shots of my animals but one thing I have very few of is myself with any of those animals!!! LOL

    Gorgeous picture I wish I could paint/draw.

  2. Yes a Beautiful portrait of your precious Blythe. Lindax